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Truenat™ Universal control kit

Control Kit for Truenat chip based micro PCR Tests


Intended Use

Truenat Universal Control Kit is a set of positive and negative control for validating the performance of Truenat chip based micro PCR tests and Truelab Real Time micro PCR Analyzers

Key Features

- External quality assurance kit

- Positive control checks working accuracy of  Truenat chip based  micro PCR tests and Truelab Real TIme micro PCR Analyzers

- Negative control ensures nucleic acid contamination in the testing  place, equipments or reagents

Contents of the Kit

A. Individually sealed pouch, containing

1. A strip of 8 micro tubes each containing dried down Positive Control : 1 Strip.

2. A screw Cap vial containing 1 ml of Negative Control : 1 x 1 ml.

B. Package Insert

Test Duration

35 minutes


2 - 40°C for one year

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Truenat Universal Control Kit