Purchase Officer

Location: Verna-Goa
Job ID: 007
Department : Accounts, Purchase and IT


He/She should work efficiently in order to ensure that the required results in procurement process, work in accordance with quality management systems. He/She should perform work with utmost sincerity to produce effective and reliable results.


1.To cross check the data for New Product code creation sent by the user , with existing data of ERP.

2.Check Indent for completion of all related data , Make , Grade vendor ,Asset form if material is Asset ,remark, delivery schedule etc.

3.Based on requirement and availability of material selection of Vendor for procurement of material.

4. Rate Comparison with previous raised orders , cross check with earlier quotation of said vendor for required product.

5. If material is new then take Product details & cross quote from different vendors for the required material.

6. If vendor increases the Rate of existing material, then negotiate prices , once the prices finalized then send the quote for approval of Unit head 

7. If material need to be procured from new vendor then collect the samples from the vendor and send for QC approval.

8. If material need to procure from new vendor then after receipt of sample approval , Vendor Evaluation need to be sent to Vendor , accordingly the Vendor will be listed under Approved Supplier list.

9. Once Price approval from Unit Head & Purchase Head the Purchase order will be raised for Indented material.

10. Based on the Quotation agreed payment terms the documentation and follow up with Accounts Departments for Advance Payments to the Vendors.

11. Follow up with vendors for pending orders based on the schedule mentioned on the purchase order.

12. Once the material is received then if part / full quantity of material is rejected then follow up  with vendor for supply of rejected  /Short supply of material.

13. If Capital Material i.e Assets to be procured then take three different quotes from vendors.

15. Once the Order is raised the copies of Signed purchase orders will be sent to store.

16. Maintain documents as per  ISO and other regulatory related documentation such as Vendor Rating ,Approved suppler List etc.

17. Handling of queries from  Accounts and other related departments.

18. Report - Monthly Purchase Data need Unit wise.

19. Report –Pending Order report.

20. Follow up with the transport agencies when material is to be received from outside state.

21. Filling of Nonconformance of Internal & External Audit .

22. Vendor  analysis and reporting to Purchase Head.

23. Internal communication and co-ordination.

24. Co-ordination with related departments.


1.Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce

2.Fresher or have  minimum 1-2 years of experience in Supply chain Management.

3.Knowledge of Market analysis.

4.Ability to show creative and innovative approach towards work.

5.Ability to work under pressure.

6.Should show excellent planning, decision making and time management skills.

7.Ability to handle multiple tasks and work in an organized manner.

8.Should have good communication skills.

9.Should have the ability to train and guide the junior employees.


Fresher or have minimum 1-2 years of experience

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