• 11 How many test results can be stored on the Truelab™ Real time micro PCR analyzers?

    • Answer : Truelab Real Time micro PCR analyzers can store upto 20,000 test results.

  • 12 Can the stored data be exported?

    • Answer : Yes, the Stored data on the Truelab Real Time micro PCR analyzer can be exported via Bluetooth, Email or can be transferred to a computer by connecting a USB cable to the Truelab Device. The device also comes with a micro SIM card. The results obtained also then can be sent via SMS. 

  • 13 How to print the results?

    • Answer :The Truelab Real Time Workstation comes along with the Truelab Micro PCR printer. The Printer is connected to Truelab Device via a Bluetooth connection. The results obtained on the Truelab Device can be then printed by giving a print command on the result page of the Truelab Real time micro PCR analyzer.

  • 14 What is the difference between MTB sample Pre-treatment pack and Universal sample Pre-treatment pack?

    • Answer : MTB Sample Pre-treatment pack is used to pre-treat  MTB and EPTB samples such as Sputum, Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), Pleural fluid, Peritoneal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), Endometrium Tissue, Pus, Abscess, Synovial Fluid & Pericardial fluid.

      While the Universal Sample Pre-treatment pack is used to pre-treat the other Non-MTB samples such as whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, stool and different swab specimens, before proceeding for extraction and purification of nucleic acids.

  • 15 What are the key features of Truenat™ disease specific micro PCR chip?

    • The Patented Truenat micro PCR chip is the key component of the micro PCR system.

      1. Truenat is a disposable, room temperature stable, micro PCR test with dried MgCl2 in reaction well and freeze dried PCR reagents in microtube for performing Real Time PCR test 

      2. The PCR reaction is carried out by addition of the extracted nucleic acid samples to the well of the chip and loading the chip into the Truelab™ Real time micro PCR analyzer.

      3. The Truenat micro PCR chips have high RAMP (heating and cooling cycle) rates  i.e., have the ability to switch from one temperature to the other quickly (heating 5°C/sec & cooling 1.5°C/sec). Each chip comes with a lot specific and disease specific in build standard curve values ensuring that the user does not have to run a standard curve every time. This allows completion of 40 PCR cycles in approximately 30-35 minutes.

      4. It is pre-programmed with lot specific data as well as data that prevents the chip from being used for a second time.