Officer - IT / Executive - IT

Location: Verna - Goa
Job ID: 004
Department : Accounts, Purchase and IT


  1. Reviews vendor contracts and coordinates IT purchases (hardware, software and services) to ensure effective deployment of solutions aligned with user needs.
  2. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
  3. Participates in the documentation and implementation of policies and standard operating procedures consistent with those of the company to ensure effective operation of an organization.
  4. Maintains currency of knowledge with respect to relevant state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems.


a) Managing the information technology infrastructure to provide IT services,
b) Technical Support
c) Responding in a timely manner to service issues and requests
d) Providing technical support across the company (this may be in person or over the phone)
e) Setting up accounts for new users
f) Testing new technology
g) Possibly training more junior staff members


a) A technical, logical thought process.
b) Problem-solving skills.
c) An ability to stick to strict deadlines.
d) An ability to prioritise and delegate.
e) A keen eye for detail.
f) Troubleshooting.
g) Problem Solving aspects.
h) Knowledge of both Hardware, Software and ERP  preferred.
i) Good in Mysql and Microsoft Office.


1-2 years, Freshers may also apply.

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